The Gentle Giant Escapes

Date: 2/7/2017

By TonyDreamer

I'm a prison officer in a high security prison. one of the inmates is a huge violent guy that is now so well mannered that even the guards get on with him. I am friends with him from childhood. An opportunity to escape presents itself and he takes it, running down a hallway. A handful of officers and I take pursuit. We corner him in a toilet where he swiftly takes out the first two officers, seemingly taking pleasure in pushing one of their faces in a urine puddle on the floor. I stay and chat for a while to calm him down and he agrees to return to his cell. On our way back I tackle him to the ground and we cuff him. He is not angry at me, and we have an emotional conversation. He tells me he is the only inmate who sees his time as a chance to better himself and learn why he is so violent.