laundry and bus fire

Date: 3/16/2017

By deepa

so something like im with someone running in a building away from some scary man/men and we end up in the laundry part of the building its a Huge thing oh yea its klaudia with me and shes there and we r hiding up top and people come in and make some work while we just hide up there and we start showering anyway and i accidentally squeeze too much of her nice precious lovely soap and she gets rly upset. so i try outting some back and she tells me how gross it is. anyway after that we escape the room and somehow ny partner turns out to he jez and he says how hws gonna join the force or whatever rhat idk tracks down the criminals like we just did like some secret force and im then mark and we go our seperate ways. another dream where a bus is Proper on fire and people are sitting getting in and off so i get on and everyones hisibly bothered by it and the smoke but noone does jack shit so i think its derek he walks up to the bus driver and says smth and then the bus driver puts it and then i almost run away from a huge squirrel or some sorts. another dream bit where im with geo johnny gang and were walking along smth and this dog keeps harassing me and geo tries to protect me but dont rly work.. ans then andra tells me i owe her 12 bucks ans my contscts keep fucking up i find like 3 other lenses and im So confused and pissed cus geo kept messing around with it. so the now another dream which is sort of the continuation of tbe first one sort of something like im in desihs house and we go investigate some noises in the basement area which was the launder area and smth about cat and cockroaxhes and shit and bawically the wall was halfway blocked out and ita just pitch darkness so i listen and nod dont mention that i was in there rexently and maybe the reason why snth happwned whatever the smth is but i choose not to tell her..and then we r just moving some random stuff secretyl somwhere else..