I just want to go to Primark!

Date: 4/21/2017

By amandalyle

I was at some sort of social gathering and spotted an old friend, Heather. I walked over to her and apologised for not getting in touch. I tried to give her my new number but she wasn't interested. She turned her back to me and carried on talking to some other people. I felt disappointed. Next scene; I was with my Mum and uncle John. We wanted to go for a nice meal together but ended up at the dingy Coal Orchard. As we walked in, there was a fight taking place right in the middle of the pub. This didn't seem to concern us, and we sat down and ordered. The guy who served us - who looked gross and had missing teeth - apologised for the delay. Apparently he'd just cleared up somebody's vomit. "Hmm lovely!" I thought. Next scene; I was in the car with my friend Ash. For some reason she was sat on my lap in the front of the car. I was showing her where I grew up, but she didn't seem that interested. She just wanted to go to Primark.