A redo.

Date: 8/18/2019

By Cisntdead

I have a friend, Noah. I had a dream for some reason a few people I knew and me and Noah had too stay in a house together for a little bit, just a few days. But afterwords he threatened me, telling me that if I didn’t sleep with him that he would hack into my phone and take my information so he could do something. I told him no, and he hacked my phone, sent someone with a bomb, and he kept saying seven minutes. They sent me out the front door but there was someone there. So I pressed “reset.” And went back in time, and told everyone not to do things. I went back and said too Natalie “hey.. are we all still friends?” And she said “yes.” So I talked too all of them, Natalie, Kierstyn, Jayda, and Emma. I told them I couldn’t say what was going too happen, more of that I didn’t know what was going too happen. They agreed. I went back too myself, before I started talking to him. And I told myself not too. So I didn’t.