sorry wes

Date: 2/3/2019

By kokotails

so I was at my best friend’s house expect it was like an old antique home with a big office instead of his real house. I’m chilling on the bed when this big bald man walks in and says hello, I say “uhh hello....?” In the rudest tone. My friend comes up to him and shakes his hand and welcomes him into the house but I’m still really confused as to who this man is. Then Bruce Willis and Robert Downey Jr. walk through the door and I start losing it. The only thing weird about this is that rdj was extremely short with a broken leg and riding s razor scooter. I start whispering to my friend like “oh my god what is that who I think it is??!??” and he’s just super calm with them. My friend is a big film guy so I guess he was friends with all these actors?? Bruce Willis addresses the other bald man as Wes and I start screaming at myself WHY DOES WES ANDERSON LOOK LIKE THAT ALL OF A SUDDEN??? I run up to him telling him I’m a fan and apologizing for being sassy and not knowing who he was right away, my excuse was that I didn’t have my glasses on. While I’m talking to him, Wes Anderson begins to look like this old, large, woman from the early 1900’s some Gertrude Stein looks. Then I’m really confused about what Wes Anderson actually looks like????? Then I wake up still in my dream and tell my friend, his mom, and his brothers (that he doesn’t actually have) about this dream and they’re all laughing about it.