Date: 5/20/2019

By CheshirePuss

Flashes of vividity. I remember: Looking after a little girl Every time I saw her face, it changed Girl goes missing, People are investigating, using strange tools that pick up DNA samples I think I knew something they didn't And felt nervous that I was the only one there now. Flashback farther? People are around, some I recognize, Where we are alternates between the trampoline between housing rows that M grew up with And the neighbors front porch And back to the little girls house, with people around this time. But never in her room, where she went missing. Instead in another bedroom, there are a couple of beds in the room, and by the different styles present, you can tell its a room shared by young adults (bong under the bed?) A is sleeping, and I'm trying to fall asleep in the same bed, but a girl in the other bed is going on about how she needs to "get pregnant"-because she already is? Talking about how she only has so much time to put a baby in her stomach, before it starts to show????? She made a joke too, I remember struggling not to laugh. But w couldn't help it. Whatever she had said, it was hysterical to us both. Then I was reading to the little girl, then I 'fell asleep', Only to suddenly be in the kitchen, and on the porch (alternating) with people talking so strangely, i could barely understand. and then A was holding a baby on the trampoline, while bouncing. I took the baby, Whenever I looked, it changed from the little girl, to the baby boy, back and forth, and because he the size difference, I suddenly dropped him, because he was smaller then my arms were set to for carrying the girl. I catch him, but fuck. People are asking me why I'm taking them, but no ones concerned? I don't even know....

AI generated interpretation Based on your dream, it seems that you are struggling with feelings of responsibility and confusion. The changing face of the little girl you were taking care of may represent your sense that the situation or person you are responsible for is constantly changing and difficult to pin down. The investigation and DNA sampling may symbolize a sense of scrutiny or pressure that you feel from others in relation to this responsibility. The flashback to a shared bedroom with young adults and a girl talking about needing to get pregnant before her belly starts to show may represent concerns about time passing and the need to meet societal or personal expectations. Your struggle not to laugh may indicate a sense of discomfort or unease with these expectations. The alternating locations between the trampoline and housing rows may signify a sense of uncertainty and shifting ground in your life. The fact that the people around you were talking strangely and a sense of confusion suggests that you may feel overwhelmed or disconnected from those around you. The changing of the baby's form from a girl to a boy may symbolize a need for flexibility and adaptability in caring for others. Dropping the baby due to the size difference could represent a sense of being unprepared or overwhelmed by new or unexpected challenges. Overall, it seems that your dream may be reflecting a sense of discomfort or uncertainty in your role as a caregiver or in meeting expectations in your life. It may be helpful to explore these feelings further and perhaps seek support or guidance in navigating these challenges.