painful sleepless night

Date: 2/22/2017

By deepa

had the worst night of my life cus i suddenly got a bit sick and was freezing even tho my body temperature was hot Basically i woke up lets say 3 times in the 8 or 9 hours i slept anf everytime i woke up from/with the same dream of me selling houses? where im calculating a lot of things like how if some things moved down itll be cheaper and im tagging everything with some sort of price its so strange n EVERYTIME literally evrytime i wake up theres the strange dream with these houses n the thing is im its not a dream right but im somehow just curling up in there freaking out about my health but these dreams keep bothering me and i cant fall asleep... cant describe this awful awful expwrience no more.. but anyway one other dream i had was smth like im out with my boots with hanna n she tells me some guy just called me a dog in malay and im like wtf and i go fight him even tho hes full on a gangster and he gets aggressive but i pussy out thinking hes gonna hit me and i say: u cant hit me im a girl the end