thanks john mulaney

Date: 7/5/2019

By alessbd

dreamt i was house sitting for john mulaney with erica, a girl from manchester we just met in our hostel, and dina pasha. his house was really nice and we were having a good time drinking his beer and hanging out with his fat little chihuahua that he definitely doesn’t have irl. then we heard something upstairs and i was like wtf so i went up there and there were two more dogs - two tiny puppies - a black and a white poodle and they were super cute you could hold one in each of your hands. dina really liked them. parts of the dream i can’t remember took place at an overflowing dam. magnus was there i think. there was a very la la land vibe for whatever reason. i also think erica and i were in a private jet at one point. she found the captain had written a note in morse code that we’d thought had just been airplane notes but she translated it and it just said “ERICA GETS DRUNK. GIVE HER ALCOHOL” over and over and over. which is really weird but we interpreted that to mean he wanted to rape her or something so i literally think i beat him unconscious