WTF lucid dread

Date: 2/7/2017

By lovettagain88

cant remember how it started, but i was looking at the concrete platform that had chainlink fencing around it with an entrance on either side, inside it there were two rows of plastic seats like you would see in a government lobby waiting room. one entrance opened upon a walkway and street, the other to a ramp that led into a building i think it was a school or institution. below the platform was a dried up waterway, canal or whatever you want to call it. it was filled with trash and debris but most prominent were mangled bicycles. cut to a trashed apartment, half the room looked caved in, the other half was full of junk like a hoarders house. there was a strung out guy playing call of duty black ops. something exploded and he died or ran out. i go over to a glass case, break the glass and withdrawl various guns and weapons. i turn to look as the side of the flatscreen tv and see there is something hidden in the side of it. it is a clear plastic box half fullbof cocaine. next i crawl under some of the debris from the caved in roof and discover a sleeping woman on the floor. for some reason i kiss her. * wake up and pee, go back to sleep* now im kissing a female ex i recognize and im speaking to her in a foreign language, not sure the exact language, but the intended words were "i adore you, my love" * ive been broken up with her for 8years*