Crappy Theme parks, Random Happenings and a Spot of Fridge Rage!?!?

Date: 8/29/2019

By amandalyle

I was at this theme park queueing up for this water ride, but rather than standing in line, we had to queue up in the baking hot car. The queue was moving painstakingly slow and it seemed to take forever. When I finally got my turn on the ride (which was all of 2 seconds) I was mightily unimpressed. After the ride, I was walking around with my mum, who kept going up to my old tutor from college (who was with her friend and minding her own business) and asking her if she was enjoying herself. Sadly, she kept getting blanked as though she was invisible. “Come on, Mum.... leave them alone!” I said. I was walking home from the theme park with my mum and we kept passing all these interesting little shops. We decided to go in one, but when we went inside, there was completely random stuff that neither of us wanted or needed. When we came back out, there were leaves on the ground and everyone was wearing a coat and I made a comment about summer being nearly over and my mum started ranting. “How dare you say summer’s over! It’s only just begun!” She then changed topic, and was telling me that she now gets a free bus pass but only on certain days of the week. When I returned back home, I found my husband eating ham pasta in the car(?) in the Street. He got up and was wearing cream coloured shorts and T-shirt. “Do you like my outfit?” he asked. “Umm, not really!” I replied, a little too honest. He then points to a really cute dog in my neighbours window. “Look how cute that dog is!” He said. “What? That ugly thing!” I snapped, and then walk back into the house. (So much hatred for my neighbours 😂) Next Scene: I was at work (but it was a different job to my real life job) in the staff room. The other employees kept messing about leaving what they thought was ‘hilarious’ answerphone messages on the phone in a mock hypnotic voice, whilst I kept trying to close the fridge and failing. Every time I tried to shut it, it would spring open again and I was getting the rage real bad. Fridge rage. Yep. It’s a thing.