A German milkmaid, an over-friendly ex and a 'possible' Astral Projection?

Date: 4/10/2017

By amandalyle

I was in a dingy basement flat surrounded by a heap of clothing. They weren't - what you would call - conventional outfits, they were more 'fancy dress'. Apparently I was planning to go to a fancy dress party and needed an outfit. I was trying on different outfits for this guy (who I didn't recognise but it seemed like we were 'dream' friends) but every time I put something on, he'd shake his head in disgust and suggest something else. Finally, we settled for a German milkmaid outfit and, with my hair in braids, I made a dash for the door. Next scene; I had met up with my ex and we seemed to be getting on like a house on fire (I hate him in real life!) We were walking around a thrift shop trying to find Easter things for the kids. He was being very overly-friendly...but I didn't seem to mind?! Astral Projection? In the early hours of the morning, I experienced what seemed like the beginning stages of an Astral Projection. My whole body began to vibrate and I heard the harmonious choir of what appeared to be angels. I then felt myself float upwards. It felt as my 'soul' had detached and, at first, I could feel it brush up towards my duvet, but then it felt as though I had passed through it. As this was happening, I could hear people chanting some kind of mantra. It was all very peaceful (no demonic voices this time!) but then I snapped back into my body. Gah.