Embarrassing Mum Dancing!

Date: 6/1/2017

By amandalyle

I had visited my my friend, Ash. She had just started renting this amazing new house. It was a character build with lots of wooden beams and quirky alcoves. I was in awe of her kitchen and took a particular liking to her cooker (which was just an ordinary cooker!) as I was eyeing it up, she said I could have it. "Really?" I gushed. "Yeah, sure! Take it!" She replied. I started to move it, but soggy cocopops kept leaking out from the bottom. "Hmm, second thoughts!" I said, pushing it back into its place. Next scene; I was in B&Q with my mum. I remember looking at this pink powder. I dabbed it on my tongue and it tasted like bubblegum. My mum was acting completely fine until we got to the cashier - normal. But then something changed. Her eyes glazed over and she became this different person. She started embarrassing me by doing these bizarre dance moves (similar to those of Napoleon Dynamite) and I walked off in a strop. She followed me back to the car, calling my name, but I ignored her. I was so mortified by what had just happened. In the car, she laid down instead of sitting upwards. She was controlling the car with her feet, and I noticed that they were green in colour and mossy in texture - as though she'd become at one with the Earth. "Do you forgive me?" She asked. "Yes, I forgive you!" I said, hugging her and telling her I loved her. She didn't say it back, but I knew she loved me back. Next scene; we were at the park. Maxi was there with a bunch of his school friends. Mat's family were about to arrive. I hadn't seen them in a while, so I felt nervous. When they appeared, we exchanged pleasantries. I then went and kept an eye on Maxi in the park. He was climbing over this rope bridge, when he put a foot out of place and he got his foot stuck. The teachers, who stood by, scolded me for letting it happen. I snapped back "I was right behind him!" and walked off, muttering "dickheads!" under my breath. Mat invited his family back, but there were so many people in one room that all I could hear was a chorus of a hundred conversations. It was giving me a headache. I wanted everyone to leave. Next scene: Mat said he wanted another baby, but I said it would make things so much harder in our situation. He looked upset. Next scene; I walked over to the car and realised that Alex was in the passenger seat. He was sat in a baby seat and was a newborn baby again. So adorable, I picked him up and held him in my arms for a bit. I felt an intense love for him like I could just burst with happiness.