"My teeth! I need my teeth!"

Date: 1/21/2017

By amandalyle

I was going about my everyday life when I felt my front tooth loosen. I quickly ran to the mirror and , to my horror, saw my tooth dropping out. I caught it in the sink and tried wrangling it back in... but had no luck. I put the tooth in my pocket for safety - maybe the dentist could put it back in for me? But then another tooth dropped out - my other front tooth. In a panic, I called the dentist and they said they could fit me in later that day, but the day went on, and as I was covering my mouth during the school run, i thought I'd better check that my appointment was still available. When I rung them again, they said they had never heard of me and I certainly didn't have an appointment. I was so frustrated, I began screaming down the phone at them in front of all the school parents. They looked at me like I had lost the plot.