Digital art, A couple intimately embraces in a dimly lit bunker, as they try to forget the destruction of the world outside and only focus on their passion for each other.

apocalyptic sex

Date: 2/10/2019

By alessbd

Literally just had the best sex of my LIFE in this dream. It was with this guy I don’t know irl but he was tan and had longish curly dark hair and had SUCH a nice body and I don’t remember his name. The only thing I remember was that we were bunkering together underground during the apocalypse and we were attracted to each other so we had sex and it was hot as shit lol. There was this other guy in the room but he was basically brain dead. Also all the friends I’d made were spying on us and were jealous. But yeah this guy hot and he lasted so long it was like having sex with Magnus again but like not really. Also his dick was huge. This is all so tmi but whatever :-)

AI generated interpretation Based on the dream content you described, it seems to be largely focused on pleasure, desire, and attraction. The apocalyptic setting may suggest a feeling of urgency or a sense of finality in satisfying one's desires. It's interesting that the other guy in the room was brain dead, which can be interpreted as a symbol of your subconscious mind telling you that your desire may be more important than anything else in the world. Moreover, the presence of friends who were spying and feeling jealous may suggest feelings of guilt or shame about pleasure and desire, as if you are worried about what others might think or judge about your behavior. The man with tan skin and curly dark hair and with a nice body appears to represent an idealized version of a sexual partner. The dream may suggest that you are longing for such a partner in your waking life. Furthermore, the strong sexual pleasure described in the dream may be a manifestation of your desire for intense and fulfilling sexual experiences. Overall, the dream suggests that you have a strong need for pleasure in your life and that you may feel conflicted about this desire, struggling with questions of judgment and guilt.