Horrid Halloween

Date: 2/22/2017

By rubyisabel1

I was with my old friends on halloween i believe. It was nikki, klarissa, and Sierra. We were all sleeping over at sierras house on halloween and Sierra had a boy over that was being very flirtatious towards us and kept trying to take advantage of us. Finally we all stood up to him and he tried beating us up but then we all pushed him out. Then, when he left a bunch of weird thing started happening. About a hour after he left, we hear a knock at our door. It was a little girl. The key to the house was on the counter near us and she took them and ran away from them. We were terrified and didn't know what was going on but tried to move on. But then later on we hear another knock on the door. It was a creature like a wolverine and he was just chasing after us terrifying us. And he wouldn't go away and then another person came in and it was a giant. He was just walking around in an unthreatening way and I realized it was my friend David. I was relieved then he told me that something bad has happened and people are after us but he was here to protect us. We were so scared and we realized Sierras mom was acting really strange. She was just walking around with a straight face then like laughing every few minutes. We were confused and didn't know what to do. Then we heard another knock at the door and we didn't open so then we hear a boom and a bunch of wolverine like creatures were bursting in and i called my mom but there was no service so she wouldn't pick up. A bunch of wolverines were running around and next thing i know sierra is being eaten and klarissa started acting strange. Nikki and I were so scared and we didn't know what to do. That's when I woke up.