Date: 9/16/2019

By Emile

I was at a party with someone I really care for (she will be known as Dana for the rest of the dream to avoid confusion). We stepped outside for some fresh air and people were constantly trying to steal things from her, such as glasses or a handbag. I fended all if them off and it went relatively easy. It was relatively calm throughout all of this. The mightmare began after one particular girl became aggressive and started attacking both me and Dana. She poked at me with her keys and I could tell that she was trouble. I sent Dana back inside and tried to take care of the situation. The strange girl pulled out a knife and wanted to stab me with it, but I managed to fend her off and temporarily disarm her. I knew that I had to get both Dana and myself out of here. I went back inside the to look for Dana between all the people. Upon finding her, I could see her face light up like the sun upon seeing me and that made me really happy. I knew I had to get her to safety as soon as possible. I told her that we had to leave for home and we left. The strange girl started to follow us, but eventually we made it home. When we entered what appeared to be my house, we noticed that the girl is still behind us. I tried to lock the door, but I could hear her outside, stalking us like she was a predator and we her prey. Dana and I headed for the basement and tried to wait for this stalker to get bored. I heard her trying to open windows and also noticed that some of them were unlocked. Before I could lock them, the stalker made it into the house and I saw her heading up the stairs. I told Dana to run while I try to deal with the situation. Dana agreed and left through a window and I approached the stalker. At first I tried to talk to her, but she didn't want to listen to reason. She managed to get hold of another knife and was threatening to stab me with it. At this point I couldn't move as well as I used to and I started to panic. I ran away from her and started looking for my keys. I eventually found them and ran to the nearest door. I tried to leave, but it appeared as if the lock needed a key. I continued to run around and look for the door's key while the stalker chased me. I eventually found the key and left the house. When I was outside, I realized I needed a few more things before I could leave the house. The stalker had all of them on her and I had to start negotiating for them. After a long discussion, she conceded and gave me what I needed. I told her to go f*** herself and I left. I picked up Dana along the way and went to my parent's house. As I got closer to my house, I realized that it was almost 12 and I missed dinner. I wanted to park the car in the driveway, but my brother's car was in the way. I decided to park in the street close to my uncle's car. As I got out, I noticed he had many birds inside and the back was open. I struggled to contain them and a few flew away. As I turned around to see if Dana was okay, she was gone. I woke up during all of this.