You Can’t Take It With You: Middle School Edition and my Bacon Boyfriend

Date: 6/24/2019

By belle7244

My school’s harlequin club did You Can’t Take it With you a year ago at a middle school due to renovations at our school. In my dream, we were invited to see that middle school’s rendition of it. For some reason when we came in, it was an absolute mess. The curtains weren’t working, the sounds weren’t working (we ended up having to do them with our mouths for them), and the lighting wouldn’t work. An intermission comes and I ask my friend “when did the technical issues start?” He tells me that they started that day and had to improvise. So we sit back down for the second half. The curtain begins to work and so do the lights. It opens with a scene of police chasing the one character. As they run, intricate set pieces of a town move behind them. I’m in awe, this is a middle school show and its set and directing is incredible. When we get to the house part, the house looks incredible too. I go out to the hall at the end of the show to find my dad, who was giving me a ride home. When we get outside, I’m suddenly outside my own school with my boyfriend, telling him about how amazing the show was. He’s not feeling too well, from what I can see. Then, out of nowhere, he turns into this long piece of bacon with another kinda long piece next to it. I sit the bacon strips in the drivers seat of his car and try to awake him from his bacon state. I call out to him and eventually he turns into a person. I’m freaking out, because who the he’ll turns into bacon, but he’s delirious. I get into the passenger’s seat and ask if he’s okay. He says “yeah I’ve been feeling lightheaded all day”. He still begins to drive despite his state. I ask if he’s eaten, he says he’s had a big dinner. I ask if he’s had enough to drink, he doesn’t respond.