Pat my sushi

Date: 5/24/2019

By trevenw09

Spent a long day out maybe at the beach. Very tiring. Wait it was spearfishing. Shot a table boss and something else. Found a Freight elevator in the water. It was open with dive gear. We let it go down without us in it. It came back up empty. Very fishy. We discovered it was some kind of trap with multiple hidden "floors" Rescue people in the in between floors. All their dive gear was on alternating floors and so were they all dehydrated and starving. We pull them out one by one. Give them water. When they are all safe we decided to give another look at the elevator to see where it goes. We her in without them even tho they warn us. As soon as we step in super catastrophic failure happens and we all get magnetized to this giant steel wall with all kinds of lights and buttons on it. And then glass just starts flying at us cutting us up and killing us. It was so gory and fucked up. But I got the sense of "this was always gonna happen, we always die like this together. But we come back and find each other eventually. And die again" somehow I'm not there anymore but I'm still me, watching through my fingers at the scene. I can't take how gruesome it is. Go to cheap ish restaurant with Isaac kyle some other family and friends and a student with their parents. Concerned about their child's homework. It was electrical engineering work and I could not understand the dad/grandpa's thick Filipino accent. I was getting hungry and irritated. Food comes it's now like 4 or 5 haven't had anything to eat yet. I'm getting pissed. It comes right then as I feel angry and the waitress is this slim prissy looking white brunette. Straight hair not too long. She hands out food from her tray. Mine is last and sushi. She puts in front of me and starts smashing the fish on the top of my rolls. Fish becomes like lomi. I'm FURIOUS now. Livid. Do you always touch peoples sushi with your dirty hands after you've been touching the bottom of your tray and plates?? Gives me the most sass blank look and says "Yes actually, I do" I go off. How the FUCK do you put your dirty hands on my sushi and ruin it and think that's okay?? I'm not paying for this shit I'm not even gonna eat it. I'm leaving and I'm taking this with me. It's mine now (someone else's beef stew). She gets mad and follows me out. "Sir you can't steal that whole dish" Yeah the fuck I can and you can't do shit about it. How the fuck would you like it if someone's dirty fucking grimy thumbnail went in your soup?? Would you still eat it?? "Yeah." WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU EVEN SAYING RIGHT NOW?! And you're kinda hot it's NOT helping!! I keep trying to Avert my gaze. She looks confused and surprised that I took it there. She tries to circle around to look me in the eye. She apologizes briefly and now I'm just getting more and more consumed by how cute she is. She comes closer to me and I kiss her and I'm so torn cuz I'm like Bitch you still fucked up my sushi. Another longer kiss. But honestly when you were answering me like a fucking bitch...I kinda liked it. Another kiss, a passionate one. Wake up?