The One Where I’m Dating Tom Holland

Date: 6/24/2019

By nicolezdzieba

I’m dating Tom Holland (I may be Zendaya). We’re in a nice, big kitchen — the kind with a sink in the island — with some friends. Tom is doing dishes while I start to make an açaí bowl. I realize that the cutting board I need is in the sink. I go to grab it, and when I turn around, Tom is looking at me with a dead expression on his face. I know that he’s looking at me like this because he thinks I didn’t trust him to wash the dishes properly. I start cracking up and grab his face in my hands, and he starts laughing as well (I am definitely a bit taller than him). I walk around the island and stand near the other people we’re with (it might be Blake and Renee). I’m attempting to copy — with nail polish — a painting of Erika that Mallory made. I think about Erika and her new girlfriend (she doesn’t actually have one in real life) and wonder if she’ll want us to all act casual about it ... I’m looking at a picture of my wedding venue (not really) when I suddenly enter the picture. I’m walking up behind the chapel toward the bridesmaids who have their backs turned to me. I walk past them to find the bride, who is laughing hysterically because of something that Ryan Seacrest (who apparently is at the wedding) just said to her. There’s a clothing rack with a mint green bridesmaid dress on it, and I think about how I need to stop looking at other colors before I change my mind about my own wedding ... I’m walking around City Place with Brianna. She brings me to a clothing rack that’s standing outside one of the stores and shows me a dress that she thinks I should get because “it’s made in the Philippines.” I say, “I mean, I guess I could wear it to the red carpet when I go to Manila...” I look at the tag and realize that it’s marked XS, but it’s a size 12. I try to explain why the dress won’t work for me.