"I'm Pregnant!" 😰

Date: 5/24/2017

By amandalyle

I was at this outdoor social event with some friends. My best friend, kylie, was there and I rushed over to greet her. Before I told her my news, she took the words out of my mouth "You're pregnant, aren't you?" She asked. "How did you kno..." I was going to say, and then she said "I'm pregnant too!" We were both really excited and yet equally shocked. I remember seeing Kylie's mum doing some interesting drunken dancing. She was making a fool out of herself, but no body seemed to notice. (Reality note; I am NOT pregnant!) The entire night, I kept losing my precious leather jacket. At one point, I found it in the public toilets, lying on the floor, where it got trodden on by girls in stilettos. I was most upset. Next scene; I thought I had received a message from my friend, Terri, but on second glance, it was from my old school friend called Chris. He wanted to meet up for his birthday. "But I haven't seen him in years!" I thought. Next scene; Phoebe had an update on her iPhone and she was really grumpy because it was going to take 3 days for it to download.