Date: 2/6/2017

By deepa

geo walks me from somewhere to home and i obviously leave him couple metres away from it and its like 9pm ish so my mother doesnt see somehow he ends up in the room with me and then its like morning time and before that hes just lurking around also we walked by this indian place tbat was south indjan food n one nearby with northy stuff n he tastes the sour cream anywya at the house i yell at him and ask him to get out cus hes blackmailimg and my uncle is in the house too and when they see me hit him the uncle offers him 200 bucks to stay n scrub the floor cus evryones doing it and so all 4 pf us r scrubbing and my mother sort of slips a bit on the soapy floor so i sort of pull her up by pulling her shirt n ask her to go away n that we will do it n im so annoyed that im not given the 200 bucks..also smth like its my sister sboyfriends birthday n i wish him.on the phone and she goves him money vouchers for airbnbs...another bit where im in some random house thsts like So small it can fit two chairs maybe and theres a small loft area with a small bed and thered a cat whos very adorable and i leave hom after a whole after i kiss his cheek a lot pretty sure it turned human like at some poibt.. after 6am i dreamt more smth with geo hiding a backpack in some drains? and then im meeting daash at aome point? at aome mall and then.she sees hannah davids mom n sis so she runs after them for a few secs while i wait for her and amelia finds me and she has rly lomg bangs n shes upset with her haircut and im tellimg her it looks nice n she drags me away from daashs stuff while shes away and then we go all the way down even tho i tell her i cant and at some point i accidentally scratcj this lady's nail polish off and i say sorry...also another big scene with my primsry school and me showing some chick the secret places n cool places that noone knows about and we sort of get lost and theres thw lift that i think ive seen in previous dreams and then we find some big piglets or just pigs but rheyre SO fat and they come running to us for some reason we fast enuf and that shud be a hint enuf that its a dream one of it is behind me qhile we sit down and is trykng to not eat but is inside my shirt n im squirmist and tell her we need to take a test like one thats a hiv test but this one like a pig test..jesus idk