The One With the Deja Vu

Date: 7/9/2019

By nicolezdzieba

I’m in a house, babysitting with a blonde friend (not sure who). She comes to get me to tell me that Alfie is covered in blood. I look at him and see that he seems fine but is, indeed, covered in blood while laying on the couch. I don’t panic, but I get a bad feeling. I see Eleven from Stranger Things. She sits down in a weird, white contraption. It breaks down like a transformer and she screams as she’s trapped inside of it. Suddenly, the house is broken into by a group of young men with guns. I realize immediately that they’re trying to kidnap us. Now I’m watching the scene as if it’s a movie, and I (but I don’t look like myself) escape. I end up crawling in the mud on the highway and getting into a random person’s truck ... I’m back at the house I was at before — this time, with Brianna. I remember that it’s her house. I realize that the house is being broken into again, but this time I’m ready because it’s already happened. The intruders leave us for a few minutes because they’re confident that we won’t get away. They go across the street to what’s supposed to be my house. I pull one of the plug-in roach repellers (the ones we have in my real house) out of the wall as I watch them walk around my house through the upstairs window. I click the button on the little box, and the lights in my room start flashing. The guy who’s in my room (a big black guy with no shirt on) looks around, clearly confused. I grab a small flip phone and call 911. I explain to the man on the phone that the house I’m in is being attacked. I’m trying to give him the address but I’m starting to panic and Brianna is being completely unhelpful. I tell her that if she doesn’t give me her address as soon as possible, that we all might die ... I’m at a long table with a bunch of my friends. Gary peers around someone to ask me if he can bring a certain kind of alcohol to my wedding. I tell him that he can bring whatever he wants, but he can’t drink too much because I don’t want him to die the day that I get married. Nicole looks at me and seems sort of offended and I feel bad.