Carparks, Scams and Disappearing Lips

Date: 5/19/2017

By amandalyle

I was in a carpark in the pitch darkness of the night with only a few street lights to lead me through. As I passed a certain spot, I stopped suddenly in my tracks. I had this feeling that someone had been raped here. I couldn't see it, but I could feel it. I gasped and ran away as fast as my feet would take me. As I ran, I saw my daughter entering the car park. "Never walk though here on your on own!" I yelled. I had startled her. Then she quickly changed the subject and said; "Look what I made at school!" as she showed me a green turtle box she had made which was actually, impressively, carved into the shape of a turtle. Suddenly, it wasn't dark anymore. The sun was shining and we were far away from the darkness of the carpark. I felt relieved. Next scene; I was back at school. There was a tv production going on, they were filming us throughout the day. At the end, we all got our 5 seconds of fame where we could do whatever we liked on film. I was nervous, but I had a special dance planned. I was ready to go. But then this fat girl stepped in my limelight and by the time it took me to 'unstick' her large body from my light, my time had passed. "For Christ Sake!" I cursed. "Sorry!" She said, but I could tell she didn't mean it. I didn't like her because she had taken my son's PS Vita away that same day. He had cried about it for hours. Next scene; I was hanging out with Kylie and Alex. I was tired, and Alex kept putting on these ridiculously pointless shows. "Leave it!" He snapped, when Carol Vordaman came on screen. He was eyeing her up greedily. To be fair, she hadn't left much to the imagination. She had a huge slit up her shirt and every time she parted her legs, you got more than an eyeful. Kylie sat in a grump on a chair in the corner. Next scene; I was in town with my friend, Ash. She wanted to buy this jewellery, but her card declined. "Here, let me put it on my card!" I offered. But the card machine started flickering. "This is a scam!" I said, "give me my card back!" The screen continues to flicker, so I turned around to the long queue and told everyone that this was a scam. Some people argued back and one man, in particular, started to get very red in the face. Finally, I got my card back and we walked free. Next scene; I was sat outside of the house of a friend. He was with me in the car and he was waiting for his girlfriend to go off on a short break with her friends. "Do you want to watch Jeremy Kyle with me?" He asked. "Well, yeah, but doesn't this seem a bit sneaky to you?" I replied. He didn't answer. After we watched an episode of Jeremy Kyle, his house expanded into a large ballroom. I watched him dance with this old lady - she must have been in her eighties, but something didn't seem quite right. His lips. They were getting smaller and smaller. 'They are going to disappear!' I thought. And sure enough, they did. No lips, no mouth... just an empty space. I left shortly after, feeling a bit puzzled. Next scene; I was getting ready to go out with some friends. Liz was there and she introduced me to her friend Nathan (from Geordie Shore) he was just like one of the girls and I gushed about how much I love camp men. I secretly fancied him too, but knew it would never happen.