Human Bowling Balls 🎳

Date: 6/2/2017

By amandalyle

My friend kylie was chatting away about how people in Prison were treated like shit. I argued back saying life wasn't that bad in prison. They had tv and they were fed three times a day. She then told me about her ex-husband's ordeal. Apparently he was beaten everyday...and worse! 😳 Next scene; I was pottering around in the garden, showing my mum what I had been up to. I had made a mini bar with stools, and I remember seeing a cafe with a sign saying "Laura's Cafe". Perhaps my friend Laura was working there? The place seemed derelict, but it was really pretty. Shabby chic. After replanting a palm tree, I took a break and sat down with a cup of tea. Laura followed and then undid her shirt to reveal her giant breasts. My best friend kylie was sat across from me, and I tried to catch eyes with her, but she just continued talking to Laura like this was completely normal. I didn't know where to look, but I remember feeling a little bit turned on. 😳 Next scene; we were watching this bowling match, only there wasn't any balls. Instead, people were launching themselves down the bowling lanes. First, there was this black celebrity who I didn't recognise. She gracefully slid - on her stomach with her arms at her sides - down the bowling alley. Next was Britney Spears. kylie was saying mean things like she hoped she'd knock herself out on the way down. "You don't like Britney?" I gasped. "I love Britney!" She replied. I could tell she was lying. A little boy was next and we were expecting him to throw himself down the lane also, but, instead, he stood and recited weird phrases like "Cool, maaaan!", "Reeeeeesepect!" And "Totally, dudeeeee!" He was around my son's age - four or five. It was all a bit bizarre. Next scene: I was in a light and airy dance hall. I had this new power and was able to move myself with my mind. I whizzed from one side of the room to the other and back again. It felt amazing.