Date: 4/16/2019

By leusid

They couldn't figure out how to get the VR glone explorer thing to work, so I was like here lemme try. I got it working somehow, and I was exploring Antarctica, it felt like I was there. It wasn't particularly icy and snowy, though, and there were giant cactuses with smoke rising from the tops. I marveled aloud at the level of detail. Also at some point I got out of my car to do something, but then my car was gone, and I figured I'd forgotten to pull over or park it or anything so it had just rolled away on its own. There was lots of traffic on old evergreen highway, and ended up walking through a pretty dope looking homeless camp on a little wooden dock thing in the gravel. I remember I'd ridden somewhere with my dad and some other people, and Julian had met us there. I was gonna ride back with Julian.