Ocean bread Bowie and the girls

Date: 8/15/2019

By cloudkau

I am Chai AN and her sisters were going to go to the beach to shoot a music video and I really would love to use the beach bro who which beach bread because it floated. Callie was in a bad mood because I was insisting on using beach bread (because it floats) and not normal bread until Cheyenne suggested why don’t we just bring the normal bread and bring beyond burgers. grandpa Charlie brought Cheyenne And the girls to aunt Gina’s house and dad dropped me off. I walk in and aunt Gina is in the kitchen I’m like Hi 🦋 Auntie and she ignores me. The girls are sitting on the couch playing with the ball and Grandma Caroline and John are there. Cali is playing with Bowie and we are all making Bowie tik toks. Bowie was being really funny and there is a huge slab of fiberglass it went to the ceiling and it was blue. But we kept like smiling inviting people it was funny that’s all