vivid long dreams

Date: 2/15/2017

By deepa

so a bunch of dreams.. one with a plane and a whole school group or smth goes to some place witha theme park sort of thing n we fly back at like 1pm whivh is like barely any time spent thwre but of course no questions asked and when coming back to land the plane just totally fuvks it and lands when its not even supposed to land thwre and theres this part where tbe plane hasnt tocuhwd down cus if unless it did it was Rly smooth landing so for a long while im just anticipating this small bump but it never happens and it stops and evryone runs out its weird... and another part i guess im with sherry or smth..something with a swing.. and then we r in some room and oh ya i smoke some and drop my fag on the floor cus the last bits flew off when i flicked it and florence is there and she forces me to pick it up cus of some reason i forgot... and when i go to tbrow it away on this table looking trash can its just not working cus the whole isnt there so i try to opwn the back of the cabinet and somehow im rearranging all the stationery n stuff liddat in there. and somehow its lena kohs table and she enters the classroom? and starts teaching while me n some chick is hiding behind its dumb.. some other stuff that i dont 100% rememver and the last bit before i woke up is hanna and me on the bus and hanna has heavy eye makeup and we get off the bus n see geo passing something to his mate.