College and a boyfriend

Date: 5/3/2017

By Palomino

It was my last week of college. I was in love with a grad student in my department but he didn't show any sign of wanting to be more than friends. His father was a professor in our department. The dad and I laughed and joked together a lot. All my friends were amazed because he was so stern with everyone else. I was moving away after graduation, so on my last day, I went to say goodbye to the professor. He wasn't there, but he had left his journal open on his desk. It was an entry from a few weeks before, about how his son was in love with me but didn't want to tell me because I was moving away. I knew the professor had left it there on purpose. Then I went back to my dorm and there was an interval in my dream about my dormmates being mad at a girl with stinky hair grease who hugged them all goodbye and made their clothes smell gross but then the dream got back to the plot. The guy I was in love with came to help me load up my car and I initiated an honest talk about our feelings. We decided that we would find a way to have a relationship even though I had to leave. I was sad but hopeful.