Don't send me back to Coventry!!!

Date: 2/13/2017

By amandalyle

Mat had arranged to move to Coventry without my consent. I was distraught. I've lived in Coventry before and it was the worst. The absolute WORST! He had planned to move us into the same house we lived in before with our nightmare landlord. He had paid the £5000 deposit and were ready to go. When we got there, for some reason, Sarah (my sister in law) was storing all her furniture in our house so we didn't have much room. There was also a broken pew that looked so ugly I wondered where I could possibly hide it. I spent most of my time sobbing on the floor, wondering how I could escape from this hell hole. That, or calling my mother and telling her I wanted to come home. My son, Alex, had a nightlight that played music to put him to sleep, but, for some reason, it was just playing Justin Bieber songs. This only added to my hatred for Coventry and the house itself. At one point, I was scooting around on my bum on the magic! "Look at me! I'm moving on my own!" I shouted to Mat. He was impressed. "It must be the spirits!" I thought. "They must be pushing me around!" Later in the dream, Mat was trying to park but couldn't find a car parking space. He was getting so wound up about it. Rita Ora (or someone who looked just like her) shouted out the window "there's one around the back!" Next scene; I was at an outdoors party. It was another blogger bash but also someone's party. "I hope it's not Erika'a birthday!" I thought. "I haven't got her a present!" For some reason I ended up at Erika's house, but no one was there. I was walking around her garden, having a nose around. I was really impressed by how grand it was "she must have a great job!" I thought.