bunch of shit

Date: 2/1/2017

By deepa

a lot with scrubbing a fridge and and sid my dead hamster is there n hes being suvh a good boy cus out of his cage and im afraid he will run off but hes sitting there like a good boy the whole time while i look for the ckrrect type of spray... and then another part where a little lizard thing is chasing after me cus it thinks ive some food but i left the food somewhere else and im so scared and its so ridiculous that im being chased by a tiny little lozard and im terrified so i wake up and then...another part where im following some family n their kids to the theme park universal studios or something and theres a rly long n complicated queue... and on the lift sort of thing to go up/or a ride idk theres some party people drinking n such... and then at some point i bump into johan and hes telling me that he talked to georg cus i asked him if hes dating anyone or if hes interested so he said he chatted with him on instagram and im like Nope he has no insta and he proceeds to show me the insta of some guy called christopher who i think i met in the dream earlier who was geos friend and im like omg thats the wrong guy and after that johan basically says hes been interested in me and asks if i love geo idk its quite funny hehe