Vacation house with Ellen

Date: 7/27/2017

By tpoudrier

At a house on a hill with a huge window wall overlooking the valley below. Looks like Colorado; dusk/night. There's another house at the bottom of the hill wilth a balcony and a door below it. Ellen and I are talking on the bed when I notice someone standing under the balcony, half hidden by one of the balcony support beams. I slowly lower myself and Ellen to lie flat on the bed, as much as it doesn't flow with our conversation. I cue to her that I see someone covered by shadows and that they may be looking at us or worse, a threat. Knowing we are in a lighted room and easily seen, we peeked a glance. I saw what appeared to be a small ember, and we concluded it was someone smoking a cigarette or something. Shortly after I went into the kitchen area and ran into Brian. We start talking, and have a frank conversation. Im not sure what it was about.