House party with blunts and mom

Date: 6/7/2017

By thehumblegoddess

Dreamed austin and I were having a house party and my mom was invited. All my friends were coming in stoned smoking blunts and at first I felt uncomfortable but then I was like it's my house my rules so we can smoke if we want! So a group of stoned friends comes in and she's like we just smoked we're super high. And I Was like I haven't smoked all day. Her eyes got wide and she slammed some weed down in front of me to roll and put 2 other fat nuggets in front of other people to roll. I was telling austin or maybe Alicia like look how many blunts she's rolling for us. Our bed was in the living room and the house was messy. I was wondering why would I invite my mom Over and not even clean up she's never even seen my apartment. On cue austin goes over to the bed and starts making it. I go to help him. Idr what else