Date: 5/24/2017

By KayDeeKay

It was another dream about Axl . It is starting to really drain me...I need to stop dreaming about him. It was a nice dream though where I'm with friends and he is flirting with me . I'm happy again and it was like old times. We are all at some house just siting around and having snacks and drinks . One friend (Cassie) has this sugar glider as a pet and she lets Axl and I play with it and said we can take him home for the night. We played with the sugar glider and then Axl just picked me up and threw me over his shoulder and told me we were going home. I wake up briefly not realizing at first the dream was about him and, when I figure it out it makes me sad. I fall back asleep and the dream continues. We step outside and I kiss him then put my hands on the side of his face and look him in the eyes and tell him how much I love him. He says he loves me too but breaks eye contact at the last second. We go to leave and he jumps on a skateboard and I'm on a bike and we start riding through this neighborhood and eventually down a hill. At some point of the ride he breaks up with me but we still have to ride to the same place. He silently skates ahead and then takes the hill. He goes down fast and runs into this barrier. I go to help but he refuses and wouldn't even speak. I watch him ride away and cry not understanding what just happened. By the time I get to my house he is gone and I'm left alone. I found the sugar glider though and he came and sat on my shoulder.