"Ain't Got No Shoes!"

Date: 3/10/2017

By amandalyle

I went to a bar with some friends and I was looking forward to 'letting my hair down'. While ordering some drinks, a really inappropriate (and gross) old man came up behind me and started feeling me up. "Get off me!" I shouted, but he didn't listen and continued. Finally, I managed to push him away and he walked off. I then started sobbing and told my friends that my night had been ruined and I was thinking about going home. I left shortly after. On the way home, I passed through town. I saw Mira McQueen (from Hollyoaks!) and tried to avoid eye contact with her. I didn't feel like stopping for a chat, I just wanted to get back home. As I walked, I realised I no longer had my shoes on. It was raining and my feet were wet. When I looked down, I had my fluffy slippers on. "I see them!" A guy called out (from nowhere) My shoes were in a big puddle outside Subway. "They're a bit wet! He said. But when he handed them over to me they felt dry. Next scene; I was in a large room with a huge mattress/climbing wall. In order to get down to the bottom of the room, I had to do an obstacle course over this mattress. The Chinese boy from Disney Pixar's 'UP' was there (Russel) Only he wasn't in animation anymore. He was real. "I bet you can't do it!" He called out. "I bet I can!" I told him. I completed the obstacle course in a matter of seconds and was about to do a victory dance, when I saw that the Russel had gone. Instead, My best friend's brother (who I've always had a soft spot for....but who is also gay!) came in, took one look at me and went back out again. "He hates me!" I sighed. Next scene; I was looking at old photographs with my mum. For some reason, I was showing her some of Greece. Suddenly we were there in the photograph. We had become part of it. We were splashing around in the sea. We kept chasing the sun, because the clouds kept casting shadows and threatening to rain. But then we realised it wasn't clouds that was making everything dark, it was because we were in a black and white photo. Next scene; Kylie and I had gone to visit Nick (her ex-husband) As we pulled up in the drive, we saw that he was angry. "You think it's funny, don't you!" He shouted. "Umm, what do we find funny?" Kylie asked. "Making fun of me and my family!" He replied. He ranted on and on, and then he broke down in tears and we both hugged him and told him it was going to be okay. "You aren't supposed to be here, are you Nick?" I said. "But you keep coming here because you aren't over Kylie!". He nodded as if to say yes, and we followed him indoors. Inside, his mother - who didn't look like his mother - told us to come in (in a rather unfriendly manner!) As we followed her, I kept laughing at how much her arse had grown. It wobbled as she walked and I couldn't take my eyes off it.