Date: 4/28/2017

By deepa

so im on a train to some desolate area idk and some older man approaches n talks to me maybe more of warning me? and this middle aged gentleman like the hero of the show or smth lets call him X steps in and volunteers to go with me to this whatever place.. cant remember the in betweens but there was a general understanding that indonesian ppl are demonic or smth and their kitchens were a definite no to enter because the spirits n ghosts live thru the utensils.. idk if this is somehow true of their culture or if my brain just came up with it but i accepted it. so the inbetweens are gone but at one point we r still in this area but its just a bunch of shops i wish i could draw it its right in my head. but therrs a huge field beside it and me n geo are on the opposite end of it from the shop and theres a smaller group.playing soccrr on the opposite end and i think someone i know is there like soniyah or smth and the ball comes rolling here and i tell geo to kick it over and he does like those soccer things and kicks it High and they all cheer and im like NICE and i run after him to jump on him like for a piggy back ride. but the he runs thinking im chasing him so i tell him no i was gonna climb u and somehow my grandpa? or some older man comes n talks idk what but basically.i hopped on his back. WEIRD bit is geo starts flying avross the field and int9 the shops just swooping in and i say smth that distracts him and makes him sink down and he asks me to not distract him its so weird cus i remember exactly how it felt Very lucid its like we were both being lucid and mad IDK that makes no sense but badically hes swooping AND Oh it was very real also cus my leg wasnt positioned well so i remember it was cramping up and then at some point as we r exiting a shop i tell him very faintly to stop and let me down and he does cus i remember for real feeling a sort of pressure that was incredibly uncomfortable. and as we get down and stop for a min the whole thing gets way dark and he tells me if i felt it too and im like huh? no im motion sivk or smth and he said or someone else tells us that we went thru a kitchen and something bad latched onto us and im like.. WHAT i dont remember a kitchen i remember the bar beside the restaurant thats the closest thimg to a kitchen idk how but they convinced us and it was getting rather dark dont remembr anything evil happening to us per say but it sucked. and then somehow im with some school camp children and im leading them away from this place and we r going thru an mrt and such dont think this part matters. but later on i think i come bsck to this evil place with soem sort of weird priest or smth and he makes me miss some sort of liquid with a sand like thing and tells me that he doesnt see any salt and that im not haunted and im happy and we r in some crazy scary looking haunted ass house by the way. and he says theres one more thing to do and asks me to go to the kitchen amd we both go there but he forgets smth and so asks me to stay therr its a Rly small kitchen but im So afraid becus as soon as he goes it felt So fucked up and i think there was a snake n he wasnt coming back and somehow another camera in my head switched to X coming on a car to save me or smth its rly dumb like a movie. thats about it i think i cant recall what happened. another small dream was me being in india? with my mother n grandpa and smth about me shitting in a squat toilet and its the like grossest messiest thing maybe it was just piss but Jesus..its awful and Then right next door i realise theres a nice white n clean toilet bowl and im so confused.