Date: 2/24/2017

By deepa

almost walked the 5 stops to get to the classroom for davin wangs tutorial and i dont know jack shit.. and when im browsing the laptop to wait to present question 2 which was the hardest and pushed to by my mates i dont realise thatbits connected to the screen and so the prof sees me dicking round n not paying attention and theres the what slovenian old chick? who says im underrated and im highfiving her and i basically am in love with her and she asks me smth we meet amelia ina toilet n her pants r long n she wants them shorter but i tell her shes pulling ir off real well n she puts on some half ass 3d google glasses and plays a game.. smth like my mom leaves and comes back to get smth and im changin my clothes and i pass her her bottle but im acting like im hiding something so its dumb and then smth like theres a basement Somwhere where its just a little staircase down and i see some spooky shit with a little ghost boy n such...