What's a Threesome Between Friends?

Date: 4/22/2017

By amandalyle

I was at this social gathering. There were a few of us watching a film on the sofa. This guy called Tom kept showing off in front of us and mocking the film (I think it was a rom-com) As I was watching the film, I also found myself getting closer to my friend Liz on the sofa. First hugging her and then kissing her passionately. As I did so, it didn't quite feel right, I couldn't quite get into the momentum. This didn't stop me though, before I knew it, our hands were exploring each other's bodies...my fingers touching her 🐱 but then my teeth felt funny and I realised that I was wearing two false ones at the front. I pulled them out and looked at them. "It's better if take these out before we continue!" I lisped. Liz got up and put the shower on. She asked me to follow her in 10 minutes. She had a surprise waiting. I was intrigued. As it turned out, the surprise was a hunky guy ( I didn't recognise him) but I suddenly felt hugely insecure. "Oh crap! I'd better put my two front teeth in!" I thought. I clipped them back into place and joined the others in the now 'soaking wet' bedroom (the shower had leaked!) This didn't seem to bother us, and we indulged in a threesome. Next scene; I was on some sort of road trip with some other people (but I can't remember exactly who they were) all I remember is packing a shit load of food - mostly pink wafer biscuits, which I kept eating. Next scene; I dyed my hair blonde just before the school run and it turned purple. I was horrified and was trying to put more bleach on it to counteract the vibrant purple. It didn't work. Instead, I just put my hair behind my ears and hoped that no one would notice. I was aware that the kids were walking down to the school. "Shit! I'm going to be late!" I thought. I rushed out, but then realised that I had forgotten to put my makeup on. I felt naked and insecure.