Amiyah in my lucid dream

Date: 5/10/2017

By thehumblegoddess

Dreamed I was in my room. Amiyah and Alicia were on the bed. I picked Amiyah up and was holding her and rocking her. I missed her so much. I thought to myself finally I'm holding her and I'm not dreaming. I checked my fingers and had like 7 fingers. First time I've ever gotten sad that I was lucid dreaming instead of being awake bc I really wanted to see Amiyah. I looked at her and said its not real I'm dreaming and layed her back down on the bed. She didn't want to lay down and kept trying to stand up but I layed her down anyway and scooted her closer to Alicia. I was still sad but then I started thinking that I can do cool stuff since I'm lucid dreaming. I wanted to ground myself so I touched the wall and payed attention to how it felt it was warm. I had double doors on my closet and was looking to transport myself to the beach. I closed it and was thinking how to imagine that a beach was behind there. I could see through the cracks that someone was in there folding clothes. I told Alicia there's someone in the closet! And then I woke up.