The purgatory..

Date: 7/21/2017

By NunoSantos

Has i awake in the dream..My head hurts like i was nockout by something...then i notice something strange.. i found myself in prison whith 2 others, a girl around 20 and a man around 35 [which i dont known but i remenber cleary their faces] we were traped in a seald square room made all from vulcanic rocks, the only light was Red emanating from a small lava stream on the ground. it was very hot and difficult to breadth. On side of the room there is a smaller room with a rock throne and a skeleton. we tryed to get out..but the was no exit...somehow it felt like we were being i kept searching for a way.."no..we cannot stay here, i refuse to die here".. i remember thinking as i tried to search for a key on the skeleton..then the walls started shrinking..and we the walls were about 1 meter from each other they stopped and one opened in to a stairway.[again stairs made of vulcanised rock and lava streams on each side and on top only fog]...thats when i realised we were we arived at the top..the is a giant plaza full of deep fog [you could not see 1 meter at you front] ..but i was releaved just to be out of that pit below...we got no idea were we were going or were to go...then as the fog cleared a bit...[i started to see in my back. the ground of the plaza ended in 3 arc ways after that only clouds beneath the ground (made from dark material) not far from were he came. in front some huge buildings]..wait! i see shadows far way crossing the plaza to the buildings..and 2 of them aproches from the left..[the best way i can describe them is like "Death" but only whith cape..and they were 3 meter tall brown/grey and transparent, no face visible..its like they are only the cape and a dark mater below it]..they did not speak it was like telepathy.. i remember one of them saing to me..that "they we're no treat to us" " they we're very old monks" and "thank you!.you managed to get them out..but we will take it from here..." as they go away to the building the other one says to me "dont worry we will take good care of them." [ i still remenber the scared face of the girl all this years later.] "but now you must come whith me" and he toke me to the 1 arc way that lighted up very bright "you must go now" he said...i steped inside the arc and waked up!..