Hanging out with other kids

Date: 2/6/2017

By lovettagain88

in this dream i am a teenager, there are alot of other teens around and we are all in a bowling alley with stadium seating. im walking with a friend i know has addiction problems, and this one kid comes up to him. he is medium height, but his arms and legs still give off a lanky look. he has stringy unwashed black hair, and his eyes show hate and disgust at the party atmosphere around him. without looking at anyone else, he tries to talk my buddy into buying/accepting the drugs hes holding out, my friend refuses and keeps walking. the "dealer" goes up to another kid sitting at the top of the rows of seats, i just walk up and sit down next to him and stare at him. this blatantly tells him i know what hes doing and dont approve. he gets up and tries to walk away. he darts down a set of stairs between the seating and the wall, and through a side door. i dont follow knowing i wouldnt be able to find him. instead i go to the lighting and microphone kiosk in the center top of the bleachers that looks out over the whole room. suddenly the bowling machines to reset the pins turn off. the little asshole must have thought he could ruin the night. but i knew differently. i mess with the controls on the board infront of me until a projector shows a huge image of him caught on the security footage sitting in the resetter room. everyone goes silent and i pick up the microphone. i say " this is a drug dealer. he tried to sell drugs to some of you, and if he could he would watch all your lives wither away and die. he is in the back room because i wouldnt let him get away with selling drugs, now hes ruining our fun because hes miserable."