Shadow Figure

Date: 2/9/2019

By Jvoy1218

I dreamt that I was in a building (I think it was like a museum) I remember it had white columns on the outside of it like a government building. I left the building with friends that I don’t know in real life. It was night time and we were walking on a side walk. The environment started to resemble a city cause there were alley ways. Although, it wasn’t like a modern city it was like tiny Masonic buildings that gave off the feeling of a tiny city? Anyway, I continued walking until I heard someone gasp. They sounded terrified so I didn’t want to turn around. I knew I had to so I did and there was a 3D shadow figure (in the figure of a 7 ft man) I knew it was a demon. Instead of running I started speed walking cause I didn’t want to be chased by it. When I turned around about 2 minutes later I was all alone and the demon was gone. I began to hear a narrating voice in my head. It would say things like “it’s in front of you” or “don’t go down that alley way”. This voice is what made me become lucid because I realized I was hearing a voice and seeing a demon. As soon as I realized I was dreaming I tried staying in the dream so I could do cool stuff. I kept feeling myself almost wake up though.By the end I managed to go down an alley way and I stood there for a little to calm myself. I got a overwhelming sense of anger, fear, evil, and just a heaviness in the air. The voice in my head said “it’s behind you” and I woke up.