Woke up yelling, "Help!"

Date: 7/11/2019

By Mrs.Posterity

We were in a car looking at different buildings. Then I realized my sister was in that very shiny dark blue bldg, and that's where we were going. All of a sudden we are inside. Other people were driving around too. We are inside the multilevel apt. There is a dormer that opens up as a kind of balcony, in an unconventional way. I walk over to look out. I notice no railing. Dangerous... My husband says, "Why'd it get so cold in here all of a sudden?" I look over towards the kitchen, beyond which is: two blown open towards us glass doors with white painted trim. The white see through curtains are blowing around in the wind. I run over to close the doors. I close them and turn towards my left to leave the kitchen dining area right there. I notice there is a man standing next to the wall, like he's trying to be part of it. We look at each other. He is wearing a light gray t-shirt shirt and light tan baggy shorts. Dark hair. He is trying to blend in with the wall but not against it. Like making himself a new part of the wall that is perpendicular to the dining area wall. I try to alert the other people that are just out of sight beyond the kitchen. Barely a whisper came out. So I yell, "Help!"..as my husband makes sure I'm waking up now :-)