Thin again, crude stitches, almost shot, light language

Date: 5/5/2019

By DevaJu5395

Very scattered.. Living in a beautiful multi story home with my mom and irl son and friend. I hear my kid screaming outside and he comes in bleeding. Apparently he cut his leg and was trying to stitch it with very crude materials. Then I'm getting changed in the bathroom - I'm very thin (yet again) and I put on this outfit that is basically a dress I used to have irl only its cut into a halter top and skirt.. I realize I slept in a full face of makeup so I just clean it up and go to use the restroom. There's a drink next to the toilet and I gulp it down. It is full of fenugreek seeds and tastes very strong. Later that day I'm in a business meeting and the deal goes bad - I end up in the back of a truck with a group of people. The only other woman there is pregnant and she's always been a bitch to me. The truck stops and the crook opens the back, holding a gun. The pregnant woman steps in front of her lover who's about to get shot and starts negotiating with him. I step closer too and he asks if I'm going to try to get the gun from him and I say no way, I just want to convince him that we're more valuable alive. The pregnant lady grabs my hand and continues trying to negotiate. The man seems amused at us for reasoning with him and slowly wraps the gun in a cloth and hands it to one of his guys. He closes the truck door and everyone seems to let out their breath they've been holding. The truck starts traveling again and the pregnant woman is trying to get everyone into a game to pass the time. I decline and say I'm going to sing instead. She laughs as if she thinks I'm kidding and I say "I almost died and I haven't sang today. I lived so now I'm never gonna stop singing" and I go to a corner of the truck where there's a mirror and I start fixing my hair and singing. Almost immediately I begin to quietly cry and start speaking/singing? in light language.