Realised I was dreaming then forgot again - bear on beach

Date: 4/26/2019

By lucysdreams

So I dreamt I was on this beach with my mum but we were a bit higher up along the hilly side of it - closer to the car park. My mum said “does this look familiar to you? We’ve been here before.” I knew we had been there before, but only in my dreams. I scanned the beach and suddenly people got up and started screaming and running. I realised there was a huge grizzly bear chasing people along the beach, headed in our direction. People all around us started to run and we did too. We ran up to our car and mum got in the car on her side but my door was blocked by another car. The family is the car weren’t moving so I was banging on the front of their car and they got angry and told me to back off. I told them to move so I could open the car door. They moved and I got in the car.