Digital art 4k scene from a movie: Generate an image of a young woman in a turquoise and black goth-chic dress with a mermaid bra chest area, complete with high heeled metallic turquoise converse shoes, standing in an open field surrounded by trees as she prepares for a high school reunion night filled with possible love and excitement.

Reunion dresses, demon dogs, lions, and sex in the woods 👗😈🐕🐅🌳 🌳

Date: 1/30/2019

By blucanary

I was in school. It kinda felt like high school in the sense that one of my high school boyfriends was there (and he looked like he did in h.s., not what he looks like now) and we had lockers, but every one is preparing for the last of our high school reunions, so... I guess it was a sort of college? Anyway, I was in math class and instead of desks we had, like, small mattresses on the floor that we shared w/ one or two other ppl. I shared one w/ my ex Wysong and a friend of his. I relaized I didnt have my math book w/ me so I stood up and went to my locker. The lockers were in the classroom and mine was high up so I had pull a bench over and stand on it to reach my stuff. I still had trouble reaching though bc the bench was really short. I had to stretch as far as I could, but it more or less worked. My "seat buddies" watched as I did this and laughed bc I was so wobbly and once or twice I almost fell (I am NOT a very graceful person, lol). My locker was stuffed but there was no math book. I almost fell as I was standing on the bench staring into my locker & wondering what I was going to do. I caught myself as I was abt to fall and I laughed, saying outloud "No, no, I will NOT fall! Lol!" The friend (lets call him Danny) laughed and said to Wysong "Dude, you shd be over there so you can catch her if she falls" and I said "Oh yes, bc Im REALLY going to hurt myself falling a matter of centimeters!" When I got down, Wysong embraced me in a huge hug! He buried his face into my shoulder and I could have sworn he started to cry. I just held him tight. The teacher/professor walked back in and was addressing some of the other students. She glanced our way once or twice and I knew we had to break the hug before she made her way over to us. If we didnt there was a very good chance she wd change our seating arrangement. I held onto him as tight as I cd for as long as I felt it was safe (maybe a minute? Idk) and carrassed his back as I did so. When I broke the hug, I held onto his arms and gave him a bright smile. Danny was thinking the same thing I had been abt the professor (an old overweight woman w cropped white/gray hair and jowls) changing our seating arrangements bc he was already trying to figure out a way to talk her out of it if it came up. He was going to try the "butt-kissing technique". He was going to tell her the reason we three sat together is bc the three of us have realized what an amazing professor she is. Our respect for her was so profound that we didnt want to sit w/ other students who didnt feel the same way. Class must have ended after that. The next thing I remember is walking at night with a long blonde haired friend. Let's call her April. She was telling me that instead of the reunion being held at the school, it would be held nearby in an open field. Surrounding the field are large wooded area's, and I suddenly got an image of Wysong and I making love the night of the reunion, covered by the darkness and the trees. It was more of a premonition than a passing desire, I knew it would happen. For some reason I knew that this was to be our last high school reunion, though I didnt understand why. We're still fairly young(-ish). Well we're not gray or wrinkled yet anyway, lol. No one has even hit 40 yet! Maybe bc everyone can keep contact online now w FB and social media and whatnot, so reunions arent as exciting or necessary. But anyway, the next morning I met up at what looked like a large enclosed flea market of sorts with my friends April and Robin. It was a sort of gathering before the reunion. Everyone was there, but it was so large that running into the others wasnt that likely. It was filled with random ppl as well. For instance, as I was walking around I passed a long cafeteria-style table filled w/ older Native American men eating. They made eye contact with me amd it felt as of they were beckoning me to sit w/ them. I wanted to join them, desperately proud of my Native American heritage, but without them actually verbally inviting me, I was hesitant to do so. So I continued walking. Here it was the morning of the reunion and I just now realized I had no dress to wear tonight. The reunion was being done in a "wedding" theme. April was "the bride" (a.k.a. - the sort of homecoming queen or whatever of a stupidly themed h.s. reunion). Already in her long beautiful bridal gown, she grabbed my hand and we ran through the aisles to find dresses, her veil flowing behind as we ran, her long hair in an elegant ponytail. We made it to a section selling clothes (and more importantly, gowns). My mom was there putting gowns on a rack to be sold. I didnt see her at first, I only saw a woman sitting near a register. I asked her if she had any "cheap gowns". She said " cheap? I can do abt $400." This is when my mom turned around and said to me "So I guess you ditching me yesterday to take a day job to earn money for your dress was successful". She said it in a very hateful way, like she was very upset w me for not hanging out w/her the previous day (that is TOTALLY my mom! Lol!). I said "Not THAT successful" and walked off. I was NOT abt to spend $400 on a dress that I would wear ONE night. We continued our search. I could find nothing. We walked around the entire place, eventually making our way hours later to the same spot the lady with the "$400 cheap gown" was. I heard my mum tell the other lady to put the dress aside for me in case I came back for it. That made me feel good. My mum was still looking out for me, lol, even if she was being childish & petty, lol. At this point I started contemplating whether or not I shd just spend the money. It looked like my only other option was going to my reunion in jeans. That's when April grabbed me yet again and pulled me off to the side not far off. Her and Robin had found and bought a dress for me. It was turquoise and black (Turquoise w black lace over it). It was knee length and was kindof "goth-chic" I guess I would call it? It was knee length. The chest area looked kindof like a mermaid bra. To be honest, I was a little disappointed. The length was weird. Longer or shorter wd have been fine, but this length didnt look right with this dress. Also, it was just that, a dress, not a gown. On top of my other quiet complaints, it was too big for me. The chest part literally hung off of me, and I have large breasts! I didnt want to complain but I did say "It's a bit large..." That's when Robin pulled out a long turquoise ribben with a big silver star charm hanging from it. She wrapped it around me, beneath my chest, and it pulled everything together. It actually looked pretty cool. They also got me shoes. High heeled converse! They had two pair of turquoise and two pair of metallic turquoise. I immediately grabbed one of the metallic pair and had my whole ensemble for the evening! Now with everything together, I was rather excited abt my look! (Read 'Notes' for one other part of the dream)

AI generated interpretation Your dream is filled with a variety of elements that can be decoded to reveal deeper meanings. The setting of the dream in a school environment represents a place of learning and growth. The presence of your high school boyfriend and the preparation for a reunion suggest a desire to revisit and reconnect with aspects of your past, particularly relationships and experiences from that time in your life. The math class with small mattresses instead of desks may symbolize a need for flexibility and adaptability in your current situation. The struggle to reach your locker and find your math book might reflect feelings of difficulty or obstacles in achieving your goals or accessing important information in your waking life. The embrace with your ex-boyfriend, Wysong, and the emotional connection you shared with him could represent unresolved feelings or nostalgia for the past. The fear of the teacher changing your seating arrangement may signify a fear of change or disruption in your current relationships or circumstances. The imagery of walking in the woods at night with your friend, April, and the anticipation of engaging in a sexual encounter with Wysong suggests a desire for intimacy, connection, and spontaneity. The dark woods symbolize the unknown and hidden aspects of yourself or your desires. The struggle to find a dress for the reunion in a wedding theme reflects concerns about appearances, identity, and fitting in with societal expectations. The interaction with your mother and the expensive dress options may hint at feelings of pressure, judgment, or expectations from others in your waking life. The turquoise and black dress chosen for you by your friends symbolizes support, friendship, and transformation. The outfit represents a blend of unique and gothic-chic elements, suggesting a desire to express your individuality and creativity despite external pressures or limitations. Overall, your dream seems to reflect a complex mix of nostalgia, longing for connection, self-expression, and a search for identity and fulfillment. It might be beneficial to explore these themes further and reflect on how they relate to your current thoughts, emotions, and experiences in your waking life.