Picking up some food

Date: 4/20/2019

By EarthWarden

In the dream I was hungry so I went to a restaurant to pick up some food. It was fast food, kind of like chicken, fries, burgers etc. outside of the place I saw a guy leaving with a bag of food and I asked him about the french fries. He was very excited and told me they were really good and that they gave you a whole bunch. I laughed and said that’s all I needed to know. When I went inside they were doing some kind of work on the fryers. The inside was somewhat like a Vape shop. I started to wonder if they had food at all and then they rang a little bell and said my food is ready. Then I woke up (I recently downloaded a Dream app that dings every two hours while you’re sleeping to help you become lucid. This was the first instance that I dreamt of a little bell sound that I have set as the notification. Very excited about the next few nights.)