Dimension travel

Date: 9/14/2019

By KayDeeKay

Not sure of the start of the dream, but I was some Prince and had had magical abilities and knew how to fight. I was engaged to my childhood friend and I had a sister who was pretty bad ass as well. Somehow a battle starts with these creatures, and I'm forced by my father to travel to another dimension/timeline to get help. Every timeline is different and each personality is unique, but all the characters are the same. The rest of the dream I just go back and forth between one specific timeline. When I get to the other world, I meet a younger version of me but I'm already married. There is still a battle going on and I start to help out. I have a special communication device that lets me talk to my own timeline and I check in. By traveling, two years had passed in my old timeline. If I travel back, I would still go back two years so everything would balance out. When calling my girlfriend, she in the old world has been made Queen and my father is dead. He was killed soon after I left my original timeline, so I knew I couldn't stay long if I wanted to make it back and save him. As I fight in the other timeline, I get killed. But since it isn't my actual dimension there is a chance of getting me back. The dream now flips to the perspective of the younger version of me. Somehow when I other self died, I gained his memories. I didn't know how to bring him back, and for the rest of the dream I didn't have time to figure it out (but I'm sure it would have happened). In this dimension, my sister gets kidnapped by a giant spider huminoid. I'm in this place that seemed like a massive travel station/central hub. I run in circles trying to find her with my magic but with no luck. Dream continues with me racing the timeline and jumping through different dimensional time gaps to save my other self and my sister. The whole time I keep in contact with the other dimension and tell him while the other version died, I'll find a way for him to return. Unfortunately, couldn't finish this dream and I wake up while in the middle of this epic magic battle.