The One With Six People In a Bed

Date: 8/4/2019

By nicolezdzieba

My dad and Renee are sitting on a park bench outside talking about Blake. My dad says, “You need to say to him, ‘Would you still love me in a different time period?’” ... I’m looking in a mirror. Im wearing a turquoise shirt and my hair is long, dark blue and super shiny. I’m flat ironing it, and I think it looks amazing ... I’m in a bed with Blake, Brianna, Kyle Bowman, Renee and Gary. I get stuck between Renee and Kyle, and think vaguely about the fact that I’d rather be next to Gary than Kyle ... A group of us are sitting in a car outside of a house. Blane walks out of the house shirtless and carrying a box. We don’t notice that he doesn’t have a shirt on at first, and he says, “Guys, you didn’t even notice that I don’t have a shirt on!” and we all flip out.