A Horror Movie Dream of Pure Randomness

Date: 6/5/2017

By amandalyle

I was in a large country house. I must have moved in recently, because there wires were dangling from out of the walls. Faulty electrics. I remember needing the toilet, but there was nowhere to go but a hole in the ground. I was on the second floor, so the wee just trickled down and created a puddle on the ground floor. "I shouldn't have done that!" I gasped, running down to mop up the evidence. I walked into the kitchen, and found my husband examining the damaged wires. "Don't touch that, you'll electrocute yourself!" I snapped. He looked back at me and replied, "These wires are useless, Mandy. They are completely burnt out!" Ignoring my advice (typical man!), he started yanking out the wires, one by one. I could hear this unbearable crackling sound and had a bad feeling that the whole place was going to blow up. I called the children in from outside and they came climbing in through the window and ran through the house and out of the front door. The house blew to smithereens. How lucky we all were. Next scene: I was at a house party with some friends. Suddenly, this gothic psycho of a guy came running in. He was chasing scared people around the room stabbing at them with various knives (he had quite a collection!) He continued to run around slicing people up in a manic sort of way, and I turned to my friend and calmly said, "It's okay, he won't get us!" Something mysterious happened. A bolt of lightening hit the house, and I found the psycho guy curled up with a girl on a swinging garden chair. They were frozen. Icicles. The two loves forever entwined. Next scene: I was in a cafe and I got talking to this this lovely nurse lady with beautiful mixed race children. We became friendly quickly, but then she pointed at my nose and I realised that I had a hard bit of snot hanging out of my nostril the entire time. I felt ashamed Next scene: I was watching someone have Botox - lip and facial fillers, the whole Shebang! As she was being prodded by a needle, I was massaging my face in the mirror. "This will make me look younger!" I said.