Foul Toilet in New York.

Date: 1/26/2017

By boogieman85

Got drunk with my grandma and cursed England in a bar. Danced drunk and the barmaid agreed with me how deadening it is here. In New York to visit Ollie. Didn't know how to get where she lived. Bumped into a guy I'd last seen when there 10 years ago. Mutual amazement. He took me on the subway to his place. It had a Matisse on the wall, very tasteful. It was in the same part of Paris where my sister used to live, except it was in New York. He had a baby. In the dream, I needed to remember to write down the dream. Might even have told him. I went out walking in the city, trying to find Ollie's place. I was in a tourist area. Came across a ride that was 'the most controversial ride of all time.' It was a toilet that belched foul smelling water on whoever sat on it. A video display explained how bad the water smelled. Brown water was already jetting out of the toilet bowl. I considered having a go - a family was watching. I went and looked up close but changed my mind. I went into a building next door. It was a head shop, selling grinders and weed to American teenagers - ah, of course, I thought, weed is now legal in the US. The staff were a little grumpy, wearing hoodies. Like staff in a skate shop. I wanted to borrow a frying pan but they didn't have any out for public use - all their good equipment was in the staff room.